Frequent Questions

Below we will answer some of our most commonly asked questions

Q.    Do Viking Guides take photos during our trip? 

A.    Yes we will take a camera and be taking some photos during the trip and will endeavour  to provide you with some at the end of the trip, but we recommend you bring your own camera, as the guiding is our first priority. 

Q.    You say alcohol is included, can you elaborate?

A.    You are on holiday and our biggest task is to ensure you have and amazing experience with Viking Guides! Sitting outside in the evening under the stars with a beer or glass of wine is part of the experience. On average we provide 2 beers and a glass of wine every day and we normally carry one spirit such as gin or whisky depending on your preference. You are welcome to bring extra if you like but we remind you we are on a hunting trip and we will be dragging you out of your tent before sunrise every morning.

Q.    Do you have a satellite phone on the trip?

A.    We will either have a satellite phone or an Inreach on all of our trips. You will be able to give the number to your family incase of emergencies 

Q.    Can I/we store extra luggage and or valuables with Viking Guides while we are away on our trip?

A.    Yes of course, we have a locked room and large safe where you can store what you need to while we are away.

Q.    If I/we arrive by plane when should I book my return trip

A.    If you are booked on a private property hunt for say red stag or fallow deer, then you can safely book your flight for the day after the hunt ends. If you are booked on a backcountry helicopter or 4wd access hunt it is a very good idea to have a few days leeway in case of delays, or even a flexible ticket. 

Q.    Do we get to keep the meat from our hunt?

A.    Yes you can keep as much or as little of the meat from your hunt as you would like, we take a 12v fridge freezer with us on all hunts so we can keep a good amount of meat and or trophies in there. We will also cook some of the meat for you during the trip.

Q.    What about our trophies and taxidermy?

A. We take great care in caping out your trophies and always carry either salt and or a 12v freezer for preserving your trophies. Then once the hunt is finished we can introduce you to excellent local taxidermists, or you can make your own arrangements.

Q.    What about safety equipment?

A.    We will always have with us either a satellite phone or an Inreach, plus each member of the party will be issued with a personal locator beacon and shown how to activate it. Safety is a very high priority for us and we ask that you respect our decisions on the mountain, no trophy is worth not going home for!

Q.    What sort of gear do I need have if I want to come on a hunt with Viking Guides?

A.     You will need to have your own warm clothing and a good sturdy pair of boots that fit you well, otherwise you can bring as much or as little of your own gear as you like, we can basically provide or hire you everything else you will need. 

Q.    When will final payment take place?

A.    When your hunt is finished we will issue your final bill and you can pay by cash or bank transfer. The only additions to your additional quote would be for either additional trophy fees or extra days you choose to take during the hunt. You will not be charged for additional days that are due to conditions which prevent us getting out of the mountains. 

Q.    Do your guides and pilots expect tips?

A.    No they never expect tips, but they are not highly paid and work really hard to provide you with a great experience, so they really appreciate it when they do receive tips. 

Q.    If our trip ends early as we already have got our trophies or the weather is bad can we get a refund? 

No, we book the days into the calendar and are often booked a year ahead. Our hunts are basically back to back and our guides get paid for the days booked out. Being booked out, does not allow them to book out any other hunts if you want to finish the hunt early. We also pay the Department of Conservation for the days we book out. Some customers choose to go out afterwards and shoot some wallabies, or rabbits, which we then arrange for them or if you are on a   public land hunt we can continue hunting for other species or animals in the area. Bad weather days are just part and parcel of hunting.  

Q.    What is the best time to come hunting with Viking Guides? 

A.    We run hunting trips all year round and it depends a little on what you are after out of your hunt and which species you would like to hunt.  Of course the traditional time to hunt for large trophies is during the rut (March through to late April for the deer species and from May to late June for Tahr and Chamois). But hunting can be rewarding at all times of the year. 

Q.    How fit do I need to be to come on a hunt? 

A.    We take people of all fitness levels hunting however we would suggest two things though: Firstly please be really honest with us about your fitness level before we plan your hunt. Secondly, if you are able to do some training before your hunt please do so. 

Q. Do I need to have previous hunting experience?

A. The  short answer is no… but if you have no previous hunting experience we suggest you take a look at our Learn to Hunt trips. But if you are really keen to go chasing that bull tahr or…  it would be a good idea to get along to your local range and practice using a hunting rifle.